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Game Manual:

If you cannot control the game with the keyboard, click inside the game and try again.

If the game is too slow or choppy for you:

  • The game is already at low quality, which means it will run faster. Raising the quality of the game will make it slower, but if you still want to change it, click the Menu button to open the menu, then click Quality to change the quality of the game.

  • Close any program that is using too many system resources.

  • If the above steps do not work, then get yourself a better computer. I mean, it will run fine on, say, a 733MHz computer, and it's "playable" on a 400MHz computer, although the game would run slowly on a 400. Anything less than that will probably result in your computer bursting into flames. But if that happens, then you can just buy yourself a new 733...

    Game size: 256 KB.

  • Story:

    This game takes place way, way back in 1979.

    In 1979, Mr. Tommissario was walking down the sidewalk, when he was suddenly transported into the 8-Bit World. Back then, 4-bit games reigned supreme, so this new 8-Bit World was actually pleasing to the eye. In fact, if you went back in time to 1979 and asked anybody about 8-bit games, they would most certainly tell you that an 8-bit game would be the most advanced piece of technology on the planet.

    That is the end of the story.


    Use the arrow keys to move.
    Use CTRL to jump. The longer you hold down the CTRL key, the higher you will jump.
    Use SPACE to fire any weapons you may have.

    Use the M key to open the game's menu.

    Hit P to pause the game, hit Q to toggle between low and high quality, hit R to reset the game, and hit S to toggle the sound on/off. Note that these keys only work if the game's menu is open.

    Most enemies in the game can be killed with a good stomp. Simply jump on top of an enemy to stomp it. Mr. Tommissario likes to stomp things. Mr. Tommissario is wearing big shoes.

    The many faces of Mr. Tommissario:

    Mr. Tommissario comes in three flavors: plain, red, and blue. At the beginning of the game, Mr. Tommissario is plain colored. This means that you have not collected any upgrades yet. Collect an upgrade to turn Mr. Tommissario's color red. Collect another upgrade to turn the red Mr. Tommissario blue.

    Plain Mr. Tommissario: Mr. Tommissario's normal appearance. When in this state, Mr. Tommissario can only perform basic actions.
    Red Mr. Tommissario: Collect one upgrade to turn Mr. Tommissario red. The red Mr. Tommissario can do everything that the plain Mr. Tommissario can, except the red Mr. Tommissario can shoot Flaming Globes of Sigmund at his enemies.
    Blue Mr. Tommissario: The blue Mr. Tommissario is the same as the red Mr. Tommissario, except the blue Mr. Tommissario has a different weapon. Instead of firing Flaming Globes of Sigmund, the blue Mr. Tommissario uses his personal hand-held Ion Cannon to defeat enemies.


    Golden Monetary Discs: Golden Monetary Discs are the currency in Super Mr. Tommissario. Collect 100 to earn an extra life.
    Golden Monetary Disc Box: When you hit this box, you will receive one Golden Monetary Disc. There is a question mark printed on this box. It is there to confuse you into thinking that there is not a Golden Monetary Disc inside. You are confused.
    Upgrade Box: When you hit this box, Mr. Tommissario will receive an upgrade.
    Box O' Invincibleness: This is the Box O' Invincibleness. It has a drawing of a box on it. Hitting this box will make Mr. Tommissario invincible for a short time.
    10-Golden-Monetary-Disc Box: They look like ordinary bricks, but they contain hidden Golden Monetary Discs. All of these boxes run on a timer, and the timer begins when you hit the box the first time. So when you find one, hit it as many times as possible before the timer runs out, and the box is empty.


    Enemies do not like Mr. Tommissario. This is why they are enemies. If an enemy hits Mr. Tommissario, he will lose any upgrades he has collected. If Mr. Tommissario does not have any upgrades, he will lose a life.

    Chinzo, the Amazing, Shapeshifting, Flaming, Giant Elf Robot: The all-powerful, shapeshifting Chinzo has a score to settle with Mr. Tommissario after Mr. Tommissario tried to eat Chinzo when Chinzo shapeshifted himself into a cookie back in 1975. This time, Chinzo will be taking the form of the default RPG slime.

    How to attack Chinzo: Stomp on him.

    The Giant, Flaming, Giant-Flaming-Bullet-Shooting Totem of Wrath: It's like a turret, only giant. And flaming. And it shoots giant flaming bullets.

    How to attack the Totem: You can't. In fact, you can't even touch them.

    Giant Flaming Bullets: Giant bullets that are flaming.

    How to attack the Bullets: Stomp on them.

    Flaming Entity of the 8-Bit World Who Is Also An Elderly, Obese, Retired Sheriff: Mr. Tommissario has invaded the 8-Bit world. The elderly, obese Sheriff wants him out. He wants to attack Mr. Tommissario with his guns, but since the good Sheriff is retired, and cannot afford to buy bullets for his guns, he has to throw the guns at Mr. Tommissario. He wears a pink shirt.

    How to attack the Sheriff: Stomp on him.

    Todd, the Underpaid, Underappreciated Postal Worker With Flaming Letter Openers: Todd the Postal Worker is tired of carrying 120 pounds worth of travel magazines to Mr. Tommissario's house every day, and now Todd wants justice/revenge against Mr. Tommissario. He has followed Mr. Tommissario into the 8-Bit world. Todd attacks Mr. Tommissario with two Flaming Letter Openers of Justice/Revenge. He also flies.

    How to attack Todd: You cannot stomp on Todd. If you have a weapon, use it.

    The Amazing, Winged, Flaming, Oversized, Clone-Filled, Flying Mail Bag With Package-Throwing Robotic Pilot: To increase his chance of success, Todd the Postal Worker has purchased wings for his oversized mail bag. Todd has cloned himself hundreds of times, and has instructed his clones to ride inside the oversized mail bag. Todd has also constructed a robot to pilot the oversized mail bag. The robot is programmed to seek out the location of Mr. Tommissario. When Mr. Tommissario is found, the robot will throw giant packages to the ground. Each package contains a Todd clone.

    How to attack the Mail Bag: Stomp on it.

    A Flaming Stick: It's a flaming stick. It sits on the ground, ablaze. It also dances. It has leaves. The leaves are not flaming.

    How to attack the Flaming Stick: You cannot stomp on the Flaming Stick. Flaming Globes of Sigmund are ineffective against it. The Ion Cannon is the only weapon that works against the Flaming Stick.

    ?The Final Boss: Mr. Tommissario must defeat the final boss in order to escape the 8-bit world. The final boss is so final that nobody has ever seen him. Ever. Not even Mr. Tommissario himself. It is rumored that the final boss is a giant robot that spits acid.

    How to attack the Final Boss: ?


    End of Level Teleporter: At the end of every level, there is a giant teleporting plant. Mr. Tommissario will automatically walk into the mouth of the plant when the end of the level has been reached. The plant will then teleport Mr. Tommissario to the next level.

    Pitfalls: Avoid them.

    Flaming Totems: Do not touch the totems.

    Chinzo Glitch: Sometimes, when Mr. Tommissario stomps on a Chinzo, it will bulge outward instead of flatten. Nobody knows why this happens. Maybe Mr. Tommissario stomped on Chinzo the wrong way...or something...

    Hugely Stupidish Enemy Glitch Thing: Some enemies refuse to leave you alone. There may be times when an enemy, especially an enemy that doesn't move around much (Flaming Stick, Totems, Sheriff), will just start floating at one spot on the screen. Hopefully this will not happen, but if it does, then you can just defeat the enemy. If you cannot defeat the enemy, then you will have to try and avoid it until you reach the end of the level. The floating enemy will disappear when the level ends.