<Byzantine> jp, tell us a story
* ccunning is gonna do it for real
<factgirl> yeah - we are down to just fever and malaise now
<jp> what story would you like byz
<WonkoD-Rex> Facty, is there ennui? Is there an ague?
<Byzantine> jp, I would like a story with stars and fairies and dinosaurs and ennui and Frosted Flakes
<factgirl> just a but of pluisey
<factgirl> plurisey
<Kit_Lo> And reference to pants.
<GDLJM> pleurisy
* WonkoD-Rex curls up in front of jp and listens to the story.
<jp> ok there were these dinosaurs who ruled the earth once upon a time
* GDLJM is a jerk. sorry facty
<jp> and it was rad
<jp> because they were in charge
<ignorans> "rad"?
<jp> and there was much stomping
<jp> and many things were laid flat
<RimRod> i want my next car to be a bumper car
-> *kit-lo* hmmm, interesting. I still like winamp better though :PP
<Kit_Lo> laid flat?
<Hermetic> YAY! for stomping.
<Byzantine> Yay for stomping!
<jp> they would lie around the campfire at night
-> *kit-lo* damn keyboard... i only have one tongue
<jp> and look up at the stars
* WonkoD-Rex 's tail flicks excitedly. WHUMP WHUMP
<jp> and make constellations
<Byzantine> Yay for campfires!
<jp> of line um eggs and trees and shit
<jp> they liked it
<jp> they would sing songs about moons and things
<jp> then these goddamn fairies showed up
<jp> and the dinosaurs were all, what the fuck?
<Byzantine> Fuckin' fairies
<jp> this is am age of mystical realism for which we were not prepared
<Hermetic> bastards.
* WonkoD-Rex 's tail flicks angrily. WHAM WHAM.
<jp> they were displeased w the fairies' inattention to the laws of physics
<ignorans> this is very discursive
<WonkoD-Rex> Damn right, they were.
<jp> the laws did not hold true for them like they did for the dinosaurs
<bunnibitz> lag :(
<Hermetic> In this house we obey the laws of physics, young lady!
<jp> fairies could like fly and shiznit
<jp> and dinosaurs were bound by gravity
<jp> it was a real fuckin drag
<WonkoD-Rex> Birchadactyl can fly.
<jp> there was of course a showdown
<jp> which did nobody any good
<factgirl> aw somebody log the end of this story - I gotta go read a book to a boy with the scurvey ricketts
* ccunning slaps Wonko
<jp> there were a lot of mean things said
<jp> which were difficult to take back
* WonkoD-Rex snaps up ccunning and chews him to bits.
<jp> and a lot of harsh feelings remained
<jp> so the fairies got miffed and left
* atesh][TVpizza thinks Wonko is a dino, and ccunning is a faery..
<jp> they flew up in spiraly swarms and disappeared
<jp> and the dinosaurs were smug happy about it
<jp> like Way to go rbonto 
<jp> way to go stego
<jp> we showed those bitchz
<SuperV> ok, this is messed up
<jp> and they were lying around the camp fire looking at the stars
* WonkoD-Rex grins toothily.
<jp> and quiet
<SuperV> I'm looking at a geneaology site, which has my family on it, but its wrong
<jp> and somebody said after a while damn, we had fairies
<jp> and we drove em off
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<jp> they talked about it & realized nobody really felt good about it after all
<jp> & it was suddenly so quiet wo anybody little peopel zipping around zip zip past their faces
*** Alice has joined #everything
<jp> which normally had been damn annoying, but was now nothing, because it didnt happen any more
<jp> so the dinosaurs were all generally sad
<jp> and bored 
<jp> and they made up a thing they would do 
<jp> to get them back
<GDLJM> was it cool?
<jp> which involved technology i cannot tell you about 
<GDLJM> dam
<jp> prime directive you understnad
<jp> but it worked
<GDLJM> yes
*** ignorans has quit IRC (Quit: )
<jp> and the fairies agreed to come back on holiday
* Aresds terminates jp.
<jp> but mostly to stay on their own stars 
<jp> because it was better for everyone
<jp> so the dinosaurs
<jp> still do their thing around the campfire at night
<jp> on their backs making biug plate-holts in the ground , some of them
<jp> & they watch the stars and they say I bet they are on that one
<jp> no dummy it is summertime, that one is too hot, theyll have moved on to that one over there
<jp> which one? the one in constellation birchadactly
<jp> and it is generally a happy remiiniscence time
<jp> and then after much anticipating
<jp> the fairies come home
<jp> and they fly in circles around the fire
<jp> and the dinosaurs are glad about it
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<jp> Giant robots. the end
* GDLJM claps
<GDLJM> that was better than bed
* flamingweasel only heard half the story, but claps 'cause that half was nice
<GDLJM> until now
* WonkoD-Rex grins and snaps up jp. YUM!
<WonkoD-Rex> CRUNCH!
<WonkoD-Rex> GOOD STORY!
<jp> thanks kids
<Byzantine> Yay for giant robots!
<ccunning> giant robots rule
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<jp> every story may benefit from giant robots
<flamingweasel> yes.
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<flamingweasel> moby dick: decent story, but really needed some giant robots.
<GDLJM> it had robots
<anotherone> Call me Giant Robot.
<GDLJM> giant ones
<atesh> Right.. needed more chapters on the fine art of making giant robots..
<jp> sorry i did not include frosted flakes byz
<atesh> Byz is gone..
<jp> dang
*** GDLJM is now known as Captian_Mysterio_Anonymous
<jp> well i will owe him a frosted flakes story
* WonkoD-Rex munches happily on jp.
*** Captian_Mysterio_Anonymous is now known as Captain_Mysterio_Anonymous
<Aresds> im off to bed
<Captain_Mysterio_Anonymous> well..its off to bed for me...
<jp> night kids